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Applying the Right Coating - A Specifier's Guide

Recently Syntec Process Equipment had an article published in the spring edition of Influents Magazine. The article highlights the major performance charactertics of typical coatings for valves used in the water/wastewater industry and provides technical information to specifiers who are trying to decide what to spec. To read the article click here!

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Where are Valves Used? Literally Everywhere!

We have finally launched our new website, and after a seemingly infinite amount brainstorming and idea sessions, we find ourselves back to square one in regards to what we should blog about in our first post. While we have a ton of ideas on different topics we are excited to delve into, we are going to keep our first blog point short and sweet (and easy!)


As a supplier of valves to a dizzying array customers in diverse markets we tend to take for granted that everyone (outside our business) is aware just how broad shouldered and large the valve industry really is. Valves touch each and every one of our daily lives, whether we know it or not. From the simple faucets found in our homes to the large gas valves at a refinery, valves can be found everywhere!


The fact that valves really are everywhere, means that we need different types of valves to perform different operations; isolation, control, relief, for example. We also need to use valves to perform in many different environments; controlling an almost infinite number of process fluids! 


There was a great article published in Valve Magazine back in November 2017 which offers an awesome overview of the different markets and places where valves can be found. Click here to read the article. 


As you work on new projects, designs or are strategizing ways to improve the operation of your process feel free to contact us for help in selecting the right valve for your application!


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Mike DiLallo
March 20, 2018
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